Worst week ever? A Running Tally

Let's take a look at the news dropping this week:

1. Peter Moore is leaving Microsoft to head up EA Sports. Not that it fucking matters, but I did like the guy. - Down 5 Points
2. Square Enix announces Final Fantasy 13 is 13% finished, and Final Fantasy 13 Versus is 1.3% finished. What?! - Down 10 Points
3. Microsoft announces that there will not be an X07 event. - Down 15 Points
4. A new Guilty Gear is announced. It's not a 2D fighter. - Down 20 Points
5. Capcom's mystery 2D fighter is not Street Fighter 4, but a Sengoku Basara game that will likely never be released in the US. - Down 25 Points
6. Capcom says Resident Evil 5 might not be released until 2009. - Down 30 Points
7. Bungie announces Halo 3 will likely ship WITHOUT online co-op. - Down 35 Points
8. The creator of Katamari Damacy, one of my favorite games, is making a game based on the whimsical nature of a double-headed dildo. + Up 35 Points

Tally Score = Breaking Even

That's a lot of bad, terrible, horrible, dirty, heart-crushing news; but that just goes to show that there are few things a double-headed dildo can't fix. Good looking out, Keita Takahashi!


  1. John (fjf314) Fabry said...
    "4. A new Guilty Gear is announced. It's not a 2D fighter. - Down 20 Points"

    I am man enough to admit that this made me cry a little bit.
    Anonymous said...
    Someday, we will see a Street Fighter 4...someday...

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