Here was the HAPPO pitch I sent out to the world, and it's all true:

Hire me because I'm infinitely malleable. I'm not an expert but instead an unyielding student. Emerging trends are my morning coffee. I'm a workhorse and I'll sweat out the deadlines and catastrophes like my father dug ditches and grandfather heaved coal. My work ethic comes from history. I'll see beneath the obvious, and dig up the truths that help weave the compelling stories others won’t notice. I'll lead from the bottom, by example; and, eventually, I'll lead from the top.

And here's the rest:

Today, I'm participating in a unique effort titled HAPPO. The basis of this web/Twitter campaign is to collect the job postings of various public relations and communications professionals in need and bring them to the eyes of seeking employers. Where do I fit in? As a public relations professional in need, no doubt.

I'm a graduating senior of Point Park University with a degree in Advertising & Public Relations. Throughout my education and professional experience I've collected skills in account management and campaign pitching, viral campaign conceptualization, copy-writing, event planning and management, layout design for publications and more. Also, I consistently maintain a watchful eye on emerging trends and keep a hefty arsenal of software, tools and utilities familiar and on my bench for when I need them.

I've worked within multiple branches of our public relations field, including three internships at unique and challenging organizations. I was responsible for the social media & Public Relations for the Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival, I completed a corporate, strategic communications campaign for the Accessible Transportation and Workforce Inter-agency Cooperative, and I've also assumed the role of social media & Public Relations for LeftRight Studios, a progressive start-up creating iPhone applications and games. All of these experiences have helped to leave me comfortable in a working atmosphere and loaded with skills and experience for a professional of my young age.

I am looking for the perfect challenge – a position that allows me to communicate with others in a way that they understand and reciprocate. I want to be a modern storyteller, using all the available and emerging tools to reach the public. I want to transform my experience with social media and marketing communications into the message that helps others see inside the organization I represent – hopefully, that they are always communicating and willing to listen.

Most of this information is available in my resume. You should ask me for a copy, then tell me what you think about it.
Much of it is also available here: On LinkedIn.
I'm also known for being StorytellerCody on Twitter.

This blog has been dead for a while, but I'm wondering now if I can re-purpose/redesign it as something new. Part personal, part professional, and possibly a new title are all things I'm considering. I miss writing things of substance and length (140 characters is not enough to make my point sometimes!) and I need a place to channel my professional critiques and case studies. But, is it here?

I'm not sure if it's my desire to not let the history of this blog die, or if I'm just hesitant of embracing my Tumblr or learning WordPress, but I actually like the Blogger format, even if it feels a little stale.

I guess in the coming days/weeks I'll start making some changes here, possibly integrating the vanity domain I've recently purchased (Yes, I own We'll see, but no matter what, I'll be writing something, somewhere.

I've got things to say, damn it!

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