The Unlikely Rock Shock

Nothing really needs said. Listen to more here.

I thought I was safe. I thought that I had found the needle in the haystack. At least this time, anyways. I was totally wrong. This is why I need to learn to never, ever have faith in the manufacturers of video game consoles. They will all break. I imagine it's some corporate conspiracy involving repair fees or instigating early adopters to go back and re-buy the new SKU's that come out every couple months these days. Regardless, Microsoft being the greedy monster corporation they were, they probably went too far with the flood of "breaking damn near every other week" 360's out there. That's why they're fixing mine and everyone else's for free. At least when it comes to the Red Ring of Death. If your 360 is ailing from any other of the popular issues (broken DVD drive, scratching discs, freezing, transforming into a Decepticon and raping your pets whilst maiming close family members) then you're paying the damn repair bill if you're out of the 1 year warrany. Yeah, I didn't know that part until just now either. Fuck the fine print. Here's the hooker in all her glory:

I'll spare you all the horrific story of foreign customer service representatives and swear words and arguments, but I'll clearly state that it wasn't fun, or even what I'd call acceptable. Thanks to this little Snafu I won't be playing Rez HD, or Devil May Cry 4, or anything else scheduled within the next 3-4 weeks. This hurts deeply because I've gotta be honest, I was frothing at the mouth over Chessmaster Live. No joke at all.

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