I know it's been a while since I've posted, and were it not for the fact I'm running out of time I probably wouldn't be making a new post. However, it's pretty much the beginning of the last day before E3, and as is the tradition around here -- predictions need be made. There is of course a system to my madness. I'll allow myself five official predictions for each of the big presenters at E3, and then five third party predictions, and lastly a grade for each showing at the conference. Then, post convention, I'll consider how well I did. So, without blathering on... let's get to it.

Nintendo -

Oh, Nintendo. No one really expects much from you. You're sad, and you hurt me with your inability to create compelling software for your hardcore fan-base. I could complain all day, but it's not like it would change anything, and it's definitely not like I actually expect it to happen. Anyways, what do I think Nintendo could actually deliver for E3 this year? This:

1. Colored Wiis - Long rumored and even seen, I think this E3 is when Nintendo will announce the release of colored Wiis. It's part of their ridiculous strategy of boosting sales when they start to get sluggish by infusing their hardware line with the power of the rainbow.
2. New Super Mario Bros. 2 - What? I'm willing to go out on a limb for something I actually want. It's long past time, and it's been rumored that Nintendo is announcing a Mario game this year. I think this is the one that we'll see -- or at least I hope it is, instead of Mario Math or Mario and Luigi Teach Shit.
3. Downloadable Virtual Console for DSi - I'm just saying ... Gameboy, GB Color, GB Advance games. It'd be cool. I think they can do it. I'm saying they'll do it. I'm probably wrong.
4. Pikmin - It will be there. I don't think anyone is doubting that? Will I care? Not really, no.
5. No New Accessories - Not technically a game, but I'll call this an important prediction. I'm going to say that with Wii Motion Plus not quite out yet and the balance board not even realized for much more than Wii Fit and gimmicks...excuse me, I meant to say just gimmicks, I believe this will be the first Nintendo conference in a while where they don't introduce some new piece of unique, but mostly uninteresting technology. Yippee! Wii Fit Plus, on the other hand? Totally expect that.

Overall Prediction - I apologize for not holding back my general disdain and lack of willingness to believe Nintendo can provide more than their, albeit awesome, key franchise games and other, not so awesome and generally terrible, reaches toward the casual market.
Predicted Grade: C- (If only for New Super Mario Bros. 2)

Microsoft -

Do I liken Microsoft to Jesus Christ these days? Yes, I'll admit it openly from the start. Microsoft is succeeding so admirably at their goals that I can't honestly say many negative things. I turn my Xbox 360 on every single day. I don't even play games that often, and still, between Netflix and other stuff, it's on. Damn I have high regard for this company right now. So, what makes this interesting is that Microsoft, according to the majority of game journalists, has an E3 lineup of absolute mystery. Well then, lots of crazy guesses to follow:

1. The Motion Camera - A bummer I know. This is the thing everyone expects Microsoft to be revealing and I agree. The sad thing? I don't care that much. I can't see how it will work effectively with the majority of good games on the console, so it can only pander to new, casual games -- oh. how. fun.
2. New Halo - Is Halo: ODST enough? I don't think it is. I'm pretty sure Microsoft will be announcing a new Halo to rile up the fans. Will it be Halo: Reach? Probably. It could be something else, but expect two Halo titles this year. I guess that's cool -- I personally hope one is a bad-ass third-person shooter.
3. Metal Gear Solid - Pie in the sky?! I think you'll see Kojima on stage. New game, or MGS4 ported? No idea... but Kojima on stage. 'Nuff said.
4. XBLA Gets Serious - What is the exact game that will make people say, "Oh my... XBLA is going to be awesome." I couldn't even say for sure. However vague it might be, I'm saying there will be more than a simple XBLA montage this year. This year Microsoft will feature an XBLA game in their conference, and it will be sexy.
5. "New Game" from... hmm, I'll say Epic Games - I think it's time for Epic to give a little shout along the lines of, "Yo guys... we do more than Gears." I haven't heard anything that said it could be true, and Gears is keeping them on top of the world right now, but eh, It's a guess. I feel it. So, let's see. I'm thinking they'll go back to a first-person game too. Let's see if I get that one right.
6. Special Extra Prediction - New game from Rare. I say so.
7. Special Extra Prediction 2 - Project Offset - Montage or no -- we'll see it.

Overall Prediction - Well, I'm stoked for this whole affair. Particularly stoked since it's only a little more than 12 hours away. Even my guesses don't seem to cover what would be the "mystery" that Microsoft is touting they have in store and how it's going to change the game forever. Unless of course, they're banking it all on that damn camera. We'll all know soon. On the other hand, Zune HD on stage though? Sounds good to me.
Predicted Grade: A- (Sad, sad camera brings down the hype.)

Sony -

It's so strange to me that everyone is saying that Sony seems like they could have the best E3 of all the consoles. I mean, maybe. They have a somewhat strong lineup of games coming this fall, so it's a possibility. However, in my mind, the winning of E3 is about the new announcements, not what we already know. So, in terms of that - what could Sony bring to the table?

1. PSP Go! - Alright, I'm cheating. This has been announced. It is coming. Well, I don't care. I was going to predict it anyways, so if it hadn't leaked I'd have just been right. It's about time for a new PSP. did Sony change it enough to dent Nintendo's market-share? I'm not even sure. I hope it goes over well though. A killer new PSP would be pretty cool.
2. Metal Gear Solid - Yeah, so Kojima on stage at the Microsoft conference? I said yes. Kojima on stage at the Sony conference? I said yes. If Microsoft gets a ported MGS, Sony will get a new one... and Lords of Shadow. The MGS? I think it'll be on PSP.
3. Price-Cut then PS3 Slim - I'll even go as far as to throw them into a single prediction. I think Sony will announce a price-cut on their current hardware, to push the stock for the new PS3 Slim that also gets announced. It's pretty weighty to expect both, but eh.. I'm that kind of guy.
4. Gran Turismo 5 - I'm not even sure racing games like GT are that big of an announcement anymore, but perhaps I'm biased. I do think however that Gran Turismo 5 will be announced, and in it, the cars will be very shiny. They might even be damageable... or they could take that feature out at a later date.
5. New Syphon Filter - Has it been announced? I'm not even sure. I think we'll see this one though. It's one of the few series that Sony has that isn't currently being employed and if I remember correctly does actually have a good fan base.

Overall Prediction -
Sony is undoubtedly going to focus on some great games. God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, and then of course there is the new PSP Go!. These things are in the bag and they'll make it a good conference. But the juicy stuff? The unknown factor? I just don't know if it's quite as exciting as what Microsoft could possibly have in store.
Predicted Grade - B

Third Party -

No super long explanations here -- just five third party predictions off the top of my head.

1. Valve - Half-Life Episode 3 - I heard they weren't showing it. I don't care. It's time.
2. Capcom - Viewtiful Joe on Wii - The mystery game? I think that'd be it.
3. Konami - WiiWare Castlevania - Another DS Castlevania? Sure, I love 'em. WiiWare? Now that'd be interesting.
4. Square Enix - Kingdom Hearts Wii - Was this announced? Well, it will be.
5. Ubisoft - Prince of Persia - The movie tie-in game? It has to exist.

That's about everything from me. Happy E3! I could talk on and on about the things I know, 100% will be at the conferences, but that'd be no fun at all.

PS: Wow, I noticed in making this post that my HTML is so rusty. I'm getting terrible.

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