This blog has been dead for a while, but I'm wondering now if I can re-purpose/redesign it as something new. Part personal, part professional, and possibly a new title are all things I'm considering. I miss writing things of substance and length (140 characters is not enough to make my point sometimes!) and I need a place to channel my professional critiques and case studies. But, is it here?

I'm not sure if it's my desire to not let the history of this blog die, or if I'm just hesitant of embracing my Tumblr or learning WordPress, but I actually like the Blogger format, even if it feels a little stale.

I guess in the coming days/weeks I'll start making some changes here, possibly integrating the vanity domain I've recently purchased (Yes, I own We'll see, but no matter what, I'll be writing something, somewhere.

I've got things to say, damn it!


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