Why does Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 1, supposedly releasing next month, matter?

1. It will probably cost $20. I don't much care if it's a terrible, terrible game. It's a piece of gaming history, in a genre I find enjoyable, and $20 makes it totally worthwhile.
2. This is a 2D fighter, but sometimes Mai Shiranui will hit your ass so hard, that she'll knock you right into the next dimension.

Now let's see if SNK can follow up with three more 2D fighters before the end of the year, and hopefully they'll all be at the same price-point too.

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  1. John (fjf314) Fabry said...
    I hate to say it, but OG Mai just doesn't cut it. Where are her bubz that fighting game fans across the globe have come to know and love? I mean, this is the Mai we all really want to see.

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