Spring Cleaning Begins...

Winter might finally be on the way out, and that's almost strange to say because after this year I thought for a while it wasn't going to come at all. Thumbs down for global warming. I do like the chilly season, but I'm happy to see it go, even if I'm well aware of the unbearable heat and summer bullshit that is soon approaching. Not to mention, I'm so eagerly anticipating the nasal onslaught spring delivers. The raping of my allergies in these silly months leaves my nose feeling like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader if that catches. If not, then in short ... fucked, and fucked hard, by something of a large and intimidating nature.

Luckily, I'm still breathing comfortably for the time being, and since I am, I've decided that there isn't much better of a time for spring cleaning than now. I don't need spring cleaning quite as desperately as some people do, as I keep my living quarters close to habitable, particularly when I occasionally have company to entertain. Even still, my actual domicile doesn't really matter to me what it looks like. 1. It's not mine to clean. and 2. I won't be hear much longer anyways. Spring cleaning takes on a second meaning for those entrenched in common geekery, and my hard drive is the target.

Considering the amount of media I regularly find myself consuming, and exactly how much of that media is of the downloadable variety, it isn't outrageous for me to say that my hard drive is consistently flirting with less than 1GB of space. I've only got 120GB to work with, and while that isn't exactly paltry, it really doesn't take too much to find that full. So, spring cleaning begins, and I've even thought to include a breakdown, just to show how ridiculous some of this can get:


Bleach Anime Episodes 1-80 - 6GB
Deathnote Anime Episodes 6-10 - 900MB
xxxHoLic Anime Episodes 1-15 - 2.5GB
Planescape Torment - 1GB (I WILL be downloading this again sometime.)
Daywatch Movie - 500MB
Marvel House of M Comic Series - 500MB
Japanese Game Commerical Package - 600MB
Shortbus Movie - 700MB
Stranger Than Fiction Movie - 700MB
Marvel Civil War Series (Outdated and Incomplete) - 750MB
Spawn All Series - 3.5GB
Wolverine Origin, Snikt, and The End Comic Series - 200MB
Old 1UP Podcasts and Videos - 500MB
Various Pornographic Videos - 10.5GB (There are still more! *wink*)
GDC 2007 Videos - 500MB
System Cleanup Utility - 200MB

Son of a bitch! Stop giving me second thoughts ...

I'm leaving some questionable things in, like World of Warcraft, 20 or so albums that I actually have physical copies of, The Maxx Animated Series (Seriously ... TOO good to delete), Ergo Proxy, and the copious amounts of pornography that I refuse to part with. All in all though, I'm coming out with:

29.55GB More space.

That's a nice chunk of space to have at my leisure once again. You know, so I can fill it up with more episodes of Bleach and Naruto: Shippuuden. I'm thinking about going back in once again tonight and giving all my files one more look over to make sure there aren't a few more things that aren't all that important. Particularly, you know, that one folder.


  1. Nathan said...
    LOL, I cracked up several times while reading this post. Fortunately for my HDD I don't have a folder of the adult variety. I do, however, have around 35GB of music, and even more anime. I could stand to do some cleaning as well. Clearing out some albums I didn't want brought me up to around 6GB. Not exactly comfortable living space.
    John said...
    "LOL, I cracked up several times while reading this post. Fortunately for my HDD I don't have a folder of the adult variety."

    Fortunately? Huh?

    My current situation is actually the direct antithesis of this yours. Since I've reformatted my HDD some many times in the past few weeks, I literally have nothing on this computer aside from Word and HTML files. There is no media of any sort to be found. For videos, I have to go to YouTube and for music I have to rely on Pandora. I have 230GB and right now I'm using just over 10GB of them with my XP installation.
    Cody 'Zen' Musser said...
    Fortunately for the HDD, not necessarily for the dude lacking in boobage. If porn need be delivered, I shall deliver it.
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