A Quick Conversation with XBLA.

Stopping to get a bite to eat the other day, I randomly bumped into a good fella' by the name of XBLA. We had an interesting conversation about the future, particularly his future and how he thought I should be involved in it. This is the conversation as I remember it.

Me: Holy shit! XBLA, man, I didn't think I'd see you here at Burger King.
XBLA: Yeah, that whole Sneak King deal, and now I can't even show my face at Wendy's.
Me: Ouch. I suppose it's all for the best though. Man, Worms, Alien Hominid HD, you're doing pretty well for yourself these days.
XBLA: Truth. We'll see if I can keep the pace. I've got the freaking Ninja Turtles too. That's always a plus.
Me: That it is my friend. I'm pretty stoked about that. So, what are you eating?
XBLA: Pfft. Three triples bitch! I'm baked and I've to-ta-lly got the munchies.
Me: I'm sorry, what did you just say?
XBLA: Yeah man. I'm fucking thrashed. It comes with the fame you know? Wanna do some acid? I've got more acid than George Clinton and the fucking Parliament Funkadelic.

XBLA: Peddler of unquantifiable hallucinogenic experiences.

Me: Umm... I think I'll pass on that XBLA. Although, we could go play Castlevania if you want. Maybe ... if you calm down a little.
XBLA: Fuck that shit man. I'm not even ready for that. I'm just sort of teasing that like a Twinkie in front of a fat kid. April ... at the earliest.
Me: Seriously? That's kind of bullshit man.
XBLA: Don't tell anyone I told you though. They'll stop hooking me up with Minter's acid. That dude ... shit, I'm watching my mother fuck Yogi Bear right now ... on the menu. Right beside the Shamrock Shake.
Me: Yeah ... they don't even do the Shamrock Shake anymore man, and again, this is Burger King.
XBLA: Exactly man. Exactly.

XBLA receives his three triples, two king size orders of fries, and one crispy chicken sandwich minus the bun. He drops a stack of money on the counter (he is pretty financially stable after all), then stares at the cashier for a period of time no less than 45 incredibly awkward seconds. "I'll rootbeer tap your fucking face off," he explains to the cashier, and then stumbles off. Near the doorway he falls onto his tray and with little hesitation walks right out the door with nothing. In retrospect, I imagine he's quite used to stumbling, and even to nothing. He's given it to me more than a few times.

Cashier: Wow.
Me: Yeah, he's a little ridiculous. I think it's all the trippy shit coming down the pipeline.
Cashier: That motherfucker needs to stick to board games.
Me: Without a doubt.

Let's see if Catan can sober up the beast.


  1. Nathan said...

    I have no other words, except to point out that they still do the shamrock shake, but only at the Mc-D, of course.
    Cody 'Zen' Musser said...
    No shit? I thought it was long gone. It's about that time though, I'll have to indulge in one.
    John said...
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