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I've been doing my best to win a copy of Dead Rising in a contest that Joystiq has been running lately. They offer a copy of Dead Rising a day, to whoever makes the funniest submission using an 'Otis template'. I haven't won, and I just sent my last entry in. Hopefully, I snag the prize, and get to sort of enjoy some free Dead Rising. As much as I can anyways, you know, not being able to read anything. Anways, here are my three entries to peruse:

Those were slightly shrunk to better fit my template here, but my Photoshop and comic skills are at their maximum capacity. The first two entries were both selected as honorable mentions. For the last one I decided to go with a Wii game, because that's a hot topic and few others had touched on it. Even that may not be enough to win, ... or I'm just getting robbed, god damn robbed.


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