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The announced Wii titles as of yet ...

1. Madden
2. Red Steel (*Excited*)
3. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (*Interested*)
4. Bob Ross Painting (*OMGWTFBBQ!!!1!Killer App*)
5. Mario 128 (*Excited*)
6. Sadness (*Interested*)
7. Elebits (*Interested*)
8. Super Monkey Ball
9. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi
10. Super Smash Bros. (*Excited*)
11. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (*Excited*)
12. Spongebob Squarepants ****
13. Avatar the Last Airbender ****
14. Pangya Golf
15. Donkey Kong
16. Tony Hawk Downhill Jam
17. Flight Title
18. Orb (*Interested*)
19. Raid over the River
20. Sunder (*Interested*)
21. Possible rumored Kojima title ?? (*Excited*)
22. Metroid Prime 3 (*Excited*)

So that *could* very well compromise the launch line-up right there. That'd be a damn shame if that's all we saw at E3. Although that list is only holding down 4 first party titles, and I've seen it said that Nintendo was prepping 6. Kid Ic' WOOT!!!! I can dream, can't I ?? ... It is pretty safe to assume that if the Wii is launching in '06 then we'll see every launch title at E3. So those may not be launch titles above, but in about 8 days, all will be revealed. I'm also very eager to see the games that developers straight out say aren't launch titles, you can expect them to get some time to refine, and should be the Wii's Elder Scrolls and Ghost Recon, rolling in comfortably after launch.

****: If Nintendo is considering these Nickelodeon tie-in games as stellar launch titles, from some shit developer famous for WWF trash, then I'd like to have a talk with them to make sure they understand what this whole re-branding thing they're doing is. You can't expect people to take you seriously as this leader of innovation, if you're using that innovation to shit out Spongebob Squarepants games.


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