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This is basically a cut/copy/paste of my Myspace post. Something I'm not fond of doing, but it's cool to share all around ...

So, I've returned ... It's definitely dissapointing to be back, It's like going from everything in the world, back to my never anything interesting to do shit-ville home. I wonder if I can get in to NYU ?? I'll have to see ...

Anyways, the trip started off on Friday, we went to the MOMA (Musuem of Modern Art), and they wouldn't let me take pictures, but it was interesting. Huge, huge line because Friday nights were free. After we left the MOMA, we scored some incredible NY pizza, and broke off into seperate groups to do whateva'. I palled up with a group of kids I didn't even know, and we paraded through Times Square.

(The full post and pictures can be found here.)

Umm .. to conclude .. This was surely an incredible weekend, one for the record books. It's maybe only a short hair underneath Germany in great moments in the existense of Cody. .... and also, 5 Facts about NYC ...

1. Cabs actually smell fine, are clean, and the drivers "mostly" speak English.
2. Almost everyone you meet on the street however, does not.
3. Every single store in Chinatown sells what I think is ginseng root, and it smells like foul, rotten death.
4. If you want to get served under 21, go to a Chinese restaraunt. They don't card, because I don't think they know what a license is.
5. Always, always cross the street whenever the stop hand is up. That thing is like, a joke.

If you made it this far, 5 points to you.


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