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Pretty frequently, I wonder if I'm a genius. Sure I don't know much about physics and I can't speak ten languages, but I think I could, if I wanted to. Not to mention, I keep meeting so many stupid people, that I really have to wonder, am I a genius?

... and within seconds my thoughts can change focus to, "wow, those tits are huge. Are they too huge? Is there a too huge for boobs? I mean, sure they're ridiculous, but I could do something with that. A pillow ... or something."

So I think I've answered the question myself. ... Obviously, I am.

What spawned this is in fact, another genius. Tsugumi Ohba, the writer behind the story of Deathnote. My God. Could you imagine playing chess with this guy? The way he writes about these outrageously complex interactions between people, and their intention's is ... downright impressive. When a plot twist occurs, my reaction is always, that's goddamm genius. Not necessarily the plot twist itself, but the actions of the characters L and Light, are perfect, genius level deductions. They think like no people I've ever met. Occasionally, I can step back and say, "OK, that's taking it a little far." But, for the most part, the decisions are solid, perfect choices. I love it.

... and I hate it, because very often does it have me saying, "Fuck, I never would have thought of that." ... and I don't so much like to say that. It's .... a bit of self-realization that I refuse to accept. (Smarter than me? Really? Bah ...) ... lol.


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