Silly Kids and Their Tattoos.

Today I got beat up by a needle... over and over and over again. Take a close enough look and you can see that my forearms aren't the shape forearms are supposed to be. Also, the image is a little stretched, noticeable mostly in the digitization on my top arm making things look a little uneven.

As a reward for taking the pain like a fucking warrior I'm eating cookies and drinking a large Mountain Dew. Mmmmm... Nothing says loving like stuff that's terrible for you. I'll add more pictures when things are less swollen and ridiculous looking. My next appointment is at the end of the month. My next-next appointment is sometime after that.


  1. almusser15 said...
    WHAT??!?! how did i NOT know about this... haha. maybe its because we havent talked in a while. thats crazy! what are the next ones going to be? i'm intrigued. keep me updated on the tats. I'm getting one pretty soon as well. But i definitely approve.. i like it alot.
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