Words in Many Directions.

I can't focus on a damn thing tonight, so I'm going to wander fairly aimlessly in words and pictures. Let's see if it is entertaining at all.

Naruto 360 looks beautiful, and when full size screens and footage do drop on IGN, 1UP, and the like (which should be soon), I imagine they will inspire a collective dropping of the jaws. The potential of cel shading on next generation consoles is looking to be a really interesting development. Here's hoping that Naruto 360 doesn't fall into the same traps of being a terrible anime game.

Yeah, so the opening city of Paprika has been announced, and I chose the wording of that sentence carefully. A single opening screen? And another in the following month? I wouldn't hold out much hope for seeing this one as it should be seen. In short: Fuck you Sony Pictures Classics. Fuck you all over the place. I'd rather companies not even bring good movies to the theaters if they're going to do it in a manner that even people willing to travel to the nearest city still can't see the movie.

I'd owned the first seven DVD's in the Tenjho Tenge series for a long time. I had never seen more than the first, instead waiting for the moment I could watch the series in full. Finally I bought the eighth and final disc, which is insane enough that a 26 episode series was on 8 discs, and sure enough, I crammed the entire series. Was it all worth it? No fucking way. Eight discs, tons of anticipation, and oodles of dollars later, I find out that the series comes to close in a non-ending? It's as if my balls were crushed under the mighty force of the oligarchy. One thing it does have going for it? The boobs.

I've just finished reading Kuhaku and it is one of the most delightful things I've ever read. Once again, I'm carefully choosing my words and not saying that this is great or epic; it's merely delightful. The novel is a collection of 16 stories/essays/accounts from those living in Japan. Some are from the view of foreigners, some from Japanese, and some from expatriates who will probably never leave their new home. Overall, the novel is a great insight to the varying worlds of the land I hope to migrate to in time. Not to mention, the cloth cover, color and b&w illustrations, and even an included bookmark make this one of the nicest looking books I own. Check out the website of the publisher, Chin Music Press, for more information on the book. Take the time to read the blurbs and I think you'll see that this is something everyone with an interest in Japan should own.

I could probably keep going, but I'd rather just finish with this ... it is the best game commercial I've ever seen. +1 Million experience points to anyone that knows which bit is from Conan the Fucking Barbarian (or Destroyer, I can't quite remember). Praise Cromm.

Yes ... the lamentations of their women.


  1. John said...
    I remember Nathan hooked me up with some of the Tenjho Tenge manga awhile back. It was definitely solid, but the fact that reading manga on your computer screen is the most annoying thing in the world (zooming in on every panel to read the dialogue gets old really fast...) kept me from getting very far in it. I had considered watching the anime, but since it's not as good... I don't know if I'll bother.

    Kuhaku sounds really good, I'll have to add it to my never-ending list of books to read. The basics concept of it seems fairly similar to Tokyo Stories. Just out of curiosity, during which time period are the works in it set?
    Nix Sidhe said...
    that commercial is ridiculous. how is god of war 2? i was watching the entire x-play devoted to it as a rerun on G4 tonight. it looks amazing.
    Cody 'Zen' Musser said...
    The stories in Kohaku are modern, but they're not really stories. If you read the blurbs on the website it's pretty clear that they should probably be called accounts. They're more accounts of what living in Japan is like more than anything else. They range from suicide, to canned coffee, to hikikomori, and all sorts of other stuff. I think the best part is that the stories often touch on what it's like to be a foreigner in Japan.

    Definitely don't watch the anime. It just STOPS. Abruptly. I had to check Wiki to find out that there is probably more content in the series after where the anime stops than before it. The only redeeming aspect from all eight discs is, like I said, the boobs.

    And God of War 2 was amazing. Kind of like Empire Strikes Back amazing. Better than the first, but leaving a desperate yearning for the next.
    Cody 'Zen' Musser said...

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