Sincerest Apologies ... I'm busy.

I apologize. No lengthy explanation. All should be apparent. I'll make amends soon; I promise. Until then, know that I have been doing something at least:

Sudokuro Preview - Nintendo DS - Modojo

Where games like Sudoku Gridmaster seemed to pale in comparison to the add-on Sudoku in Brain Age, Sudokuro is at least launching with some hindsight, and hopefully will be presenting a fully featured puzzler's heaven of mathematical content. If not, then Brain Age is always hanging back somewhere in the catalog of a serious portion of DS owners, and Toondoku is still looming right beside Sudokuro on the horizon. The competition is stiff, but if nothing else, this one's got a budget pricetag of $19.99, and of course, the freaking dragons.

Death Jr. and the Science Fair of Doom Preview - Nintendo DS - Modojo

A couple years later and hindsight offers us the chance to look back upon the release of Death Jr. with the knowledge that despite the games unique storyline and interesting setting, gameplay mechanics and camera issues doomed what was a potentially brilliant IP into mediocrity. Even the sequel to the game never quite proved itself as the savior of handheld 3D platforming, and that is where Death Jr. seemed to be heading, down the road of being another platforming attempt that just failed to capture audiences like the big hitters, namely Mario and even the PSP's own Daxter. However, Backbone refused to allow Death Jr. to slip softly into the night, and thanks in part to the success of Nintendo's handheld machine, they've decided to give Death Jr. a shot on a device that is a little more geared to the audience they were initially reaching towards.

Valhalla Knights Preview - Sony PSP - Modojo

The vastness of the fantasy wold in Valhalla Knights is second only to the vastness of character customization within the game. Every single wearable item in the game doesn't only affect the character and his abilities, but they are all also viewable on the character model. As far down as rings and necklaces, everything can be seen. That is a truly impressive achievement for any game, on any platform, and it will surely inspire players to explore the appearance of their character.

Puzzle Quest Roundtable - Nintendo DS/Sony PSP - Modojo

I definitely noticed more RPG than I was expecting. Actually, it felt a lot like Heroes of Might and Magic. More than a lot, a TON like Heroes of Might and Magic. I'd have to imagine that was the mold they were facing when they chose to go down this design path. Of course, they removed the battle elements and replaced them with puzzly ones, which is why the game is so damn unique.

I noticed how ridiculously robust the game was when I was building my town up and using the structures (stables, mage tower, etc.) to gain abilities. Starting there, and moving onward, I just kept saying, "Jesus, this is in here too?"

Lost in Blue 2 Review - Nintendo DS - Modojo

There could be, in some way, a niche market that finds the grueling experience that is Lost in Blue 2 enjoyable. Diehard survivalists or the kind-of too old Boy Scouts with a seriously concerning collection of Merit Badges could be right at home with this game. Or maybe not, there's always that girl/relationship element in there, and I hear these guys are scared of those strange girls. Their strange smells and strange breast things tend to freak them out and make them lose their focus on the kindling and rabbit traps. Yeah, I lose focus too guys, nothing to worry about.

Hit the links for the whole written ordeal, not just an excerpt. Now imagine that I've also been doing tons of schoolwork, handling Modojo's scheduling, editing and uploading of reviews and previews, and working four days a week at Barnes & Noble. AND taking the time to (get ready for this one) exercise almost every day.

I'm owning the 24 hours in a day.


  1. Nix Sidhe said...
    You make that 24 hours your total bitch... or is it the other way around. P.S. It was great seeing you! I feel like it's been forever, and in reality it probably has.
    Ishaan said...
    Oh lord ... is that picture from Words Worth? Oh dear. I remember the horseman and frogman from that series... <__<;

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