A Photo Journey: "Bragging Rights."

It's finally time to break the photographic seal on this technological masterpiece currently sitting behind me. The whole "picture = 1000 words" thing applies here, so I'll just jump right in. However, do note, some of the photos look rather grainy and plain bunk, particularly the DVD shot. That is not anything but a shitty digicam, with a shitty zoom function. Please allow me the pains of such a camera, you see, I sort of spent all my money on ... you know, something else.

This is the all-encompassing home theater masterpiece I've concocted. It actually looks small from this angle, but in reality it seems to take up more space. The basic contents are:

Westinghouse 32" HDTV - (Up to 1080i resolution)
Yamaha 5.1 Audio/Video Surround Sound Receiver with DD, and DTS
Phillips Progressive Scan Upconverting DVD Player - (Up to 1080i resolution and hacked to all region)
Microsoft Xbox 360
Nintendo Wii
Sony Playstation 2
Nintendo Gamecube
... and a satellite receiver and system selector. Although, I don't suppose those matter.

This is how you break in gaming on an HDTV. There is no other way.

Zooming ... I think it seems around this size when I'm playing most of the time. The first pictures were probably from close to 12 feet, whereas this seems closer to my normal playing distance of 5 or 6 feet.

The opposite angle and the dashboard. Notice the DVD shelf lingering in the corner. That is pretty much what makes the room seem crowded I think.

... and from a more dead-on viewpoint. Do you see wire Hell back there? I dare not look. Zatoichi is chilling there and saying, "You dare look at the wiresplosion behind me! I'll cut you. I'll cut you right in half monkey-whore." Yeah, Zatoichi totally said stuff like that. He's hard.

Well, if I'm going to be bragging here. This is probably noteworthy.

The Xbox 360 is on component, the DVD player on HDMI, but the freaking Wii is temporarily still stuck on composite. Although, you couldn't tell when looking at the menu. It's so bright and clear that it literally lights up my room like a lighthouse.

I don't care how useful it actually is, this is the coolest weather system ever.

Ummm ... stay warm. I don't know why I took this picture.

Yes, you're goddamn right it is. I've spent $50 in one evening so far. This is going to be dangerous to my financial situation if both the VC and the XBLA end up having consecutive "good weeks."

I think the zoom ruined this screen, but I'll be damned if I can even explain how glorious this looks in 1080i. There just aren't words. I'm told there is a Man Law, and this Man Law states:

"Any man purchasing an HDTV, who does in fact contain within him two testicles, must break in said HDTV (According only to the realm of film.) with Gladiator. If a man attempts to justify not breaking in said HDTV with Gladiator, and instead suggests other films including but not limited to Die Hard, Rocky, Rambo, Terminator, or any other franchise seemingly suited to this endeavor, that man, no matter his justification, is demanded to forfeit one testicle, and be henceforth called Katie for the duration of A. The HDTV's lifespan. or B. The remittance of his foolhardy original opinion and acceptance of Gladiator as the single film worthy of deflowering high definition. This is Man Law. So it is written, so shall it be done."

That's all she wrote. I had so much work to do instead of making this post, but obviously my priorities aren't skewed at all.


  1. John said...
    Nice TV. I actually just got a Westinghouse LCD myself. I sure hope Kill Bill Vol.1 is an acceptable movie to break it in with... I want to keep both of my testicles.
    Nathan said...
    I'm so jealous. You and Mike now both have killer setups, and you've just ousted by him by two inches. The TV looks really nice just from pictures, so I can only imagine the full glory.

    What are you still doing with your old Wii? Did Nintendo send you a box to send it back in?

    I'm sure glad I learned about that Man Law ahead of time, as I'm quite fond of my testicles. However, I'd like to think I'm man enough that I would've picked out Gladiator on my own.

    Oh, and damn your region free-ness.
    Nathan said...
    Your new DVD player allows the purchase of this, if you so desired. Nice packaging and English Subtitles FTW.
    Cody 'Zen' Musser said...
    Hmm, I'll have to check the Manalogue to see if there is any amendment which allows for Kill Bill to be breaking the occasional HD-hymen. I'm almost sure that there is some exclusion to the rule, that allows for movies with a significant female presence. Naturally, the only thing that could be better than the hardest-of-core movies, is a movie with deadly, hot bitches.

    Aye, Nintendo did send a box, but I've yet to send the old one back. I'll do it in a few days, but I was just thinking. If I sold it and my original packaging on Ebay for like $350, and then Nintendo charged me for the new one, say $250, I could pocket the surplus. Not that I would be shady enough to sell a bricked Wii. Or would I?

    I totally saw that Pan's Labyrinth version, and I'm pretty geeked about it. I need something region-free, and it's funny that most of the Asian films I want are available Region 0. Unfortunately, Japanese films are WAY too expensive on YesAsia. At least I'll finally be able to get this.
    SnakeWesker said...
    Hell, I broke my TV in with Dead Rising and Episode II, although Gladiator is one of my fav films.

    If this forces me to lose a testicle, make it the right one. I think that one may be cancerous. We'll see what the Doc says.
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