Year In Review: 2006 - Anime

The onslaught of 2006 recollections continues as I take the time to remember what anime particularly piqued my interest this year. Anime in particular, is something where I might be citing something I enjoyed this year, but was actually a little older. Bear with me guys ... I'm old, and we old people, we forget things.

Top 5 Anime

5. Basilisk - Basilisk is something of an ancient tale in Japan, and seeing as the anime is told also in the novel The Kouga Ninja Scrolls, and the movie Shinobi: Heart Under Blade, it is something that is crazy popular in Japan. Think Grimm's fairy tales, but with ninja that have outrageous abilities. Like eyes that can cause your opponents to murder themselves. So. Hardcore.

4. XXXHoliC - I didn't exactly understand the Clamp world before I started watching the xxxHoliC anime, and in truth, I probably didn't afterwards either. Clamp manga are based on passing characters from one series to the next, and this anime, interestingly skipped most of that. Regardless, it was a well rounded and enjoyable anime to watch, and I never did get to see the culmination of the series.

3. Death Note - My favorite manga series? Absolutely. My favorite manga series translated accurately into a television series with good artwork and an impressive style? Absolutely.

2. Ergo Proxy - I'm guilty of criminally underwatching this series, and I promise it will be dealt with very soon. However, from what I did watch, Ergo Proxy is one of the most intelligent series since Stand Alone Complex, one of the most mysterious since Monster, and the action was about as fantastic as anything on par with a Shonen Jump action epic. Definitely something to be appreciated.

1. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya - It need not be said again.

Too little and too late -

Series that I've recently started watching like Air Gear and Coyote Ragtime Show are unfortunately a little late to be added to this list, and while I'm making up excuses. I've honestly no idea what anime will be coming out in 2007, so I'll be leaving that one void as well.


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