The Final Fantasy Tidal Wave.

While announcing Dragon Quest IX solely for the DS is probably Squeenix's stab at propelling Japan into Ragnarok, it shouldn't be forgotten that across the shores, here in the land of cheeseburgers, Jesus, and fat people; the impact of DQ isn't nearly as economically threatening. We tend to go frothy over a different IP, and I think without realizing it, we're under the swing of that IP's mightiest push ever. Breaking it down:


Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 - (While this is FFT ADVANCE, there is still a realistic possibility it could go to DS.)

The very recent announcement of Tactics Advance 2 is very awesome, and it will probably inspire me to return and play the entire way through the first one.

DS -

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings


Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War

It's really, really time for me to get a PSP with these announcements. The Lion War is supposedly a port of the original FFT, but with new jobs and new FMV sequences.

Wii -

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

PS3 -

Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII Versus


Final Fantasy XIII Agito

That makes 10 Final Fantasy branded titles currently in development (I may have even missed some.), and a majority of them are titles I'm definitely going to be purchasing. It's a shame that Sony still has such a strong hold on the Final Fantasy series with 4 of the 10 titles, and my interest in the PS3 is still fairly minimal. I'd say somewhere right around my interest in receiving a butter cream enema. Yeah ... that low. Hopefully, with Dragon Quest's recent jumping of the ship, any unannounced Final Fantasy titles might be doing the same. I don't necessarily want to see Final Fantasy only on Nintendo products, but, well, that's what I have.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Man, I need to stay up with games more. I personally haven't really been big on many Final Fantasy games since I played FFVI on SNES back in the days when we ignorant American gamers actually thought that it was FFIII. Still, DQIX is ONLY on the DS? This makes me SO ridiculously glad I got one.

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