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I skipped Programming class tonight in order to beat Shadow of the Colossus. I know, I know, this is something I should have done in what? October? I played to Colossus 12 when I bought the game, and it was being such a douche I stopped playing and picked up World of Warcraft and F.E.A.R. and the like. Then I lent out my PS2, and after having gotten it back I was so deprived I had to play something. Thank god for Colossi. I beat 12-16 today, and enjoyed the wonderful ending that most everyone already knew. To commemorate the fact that I finally beat the game, i'm throwing out some pics of Colossi that were from either a test version, or just plain not used in the game, it's too bad, cuz they seemed like awesome concepts.

(Pictures removed)

Pretty cool huh? This is something like the first day I haven't had work or class in um .... two months, so It's pretty enjoyable. I'm catching up on Bleach and LOST, considering I haven't had the time to enjoy either of them in quite a while. It's a real bummer that Bleach is looking like filler for at least the next 10 episodes. Thank you Naruto for starting such an awesome trend.

Back on the gaming front, I really feel like playing another RPG. It's been a while since I enjoyed a console RPG. A long while. The last console RPG I remember playing was Star Ocean for PS2. ... and I didn't even like it. I suppose Makai Kingdom, but I'm talking about the traditional RPG's. I think in time I'll buy Dragon Quest VIII, it won pretty much every best RPG of 2005 award, and it looks like a worthwhile play. Other than that, I'm really eager to play Valkyrie Profile Silmeria, the graphics look beautiful, the storyline seems intriguing, and the character designs look on par with any Final Fantasy. It amazes me the way Sony is pushing it's biggest console yet, and all these developers seem to be saying, "Yeah ?? We think we'll just keep on producing for this old one." We're supposed to be at the point where the current generation of consoles are dying, but the PS2 has worthwhile games lined up till 2007. Hooray.


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