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First of all, I was half way through this damn post, and douche-like Firefox crashed. Honestly, Mozilla, tabbed browsing is ALL that is keeping this shit running. When Windows Vista and a new IE drops, you're scrap.

Now, back to what I was writing the first time. I suppose I'll be posting pretty regular now, more than before anyways. ... and in turn I think I'll start with sharing some links of varying degrees of awesome.

To start, if you haven't heard of Processing. Check it out! It's a programming language designed for artists. Which is a cool idea. Now, the extent of my using Programming to create wonderful, enrapturing artwork might be something like this:

gr.drawOval( 50, 50, 50, 50 );

Yeah, I'm sure you can feel the beauty pouring out of that ... lol. Regardless, some of the stuff on the processing website is awesome, the applets that grow based on outrageous permutations and such things are just amazing. Namely, Jared Tarbell's works at Complexification. His artwork is outrageous cool. One of the best is Substrate. Just thingking about how what you're seeing is actually equations is suhweet! He even gives out the source code for you to experiment yourself.
Also, if you're an arty-fart like me. The Art blogs at Drawn! and Lines and Colors are both way interesting and stay updated with new artwork pretty much everyday.

Soon enough, I'll post some of my own work, on here or DeviantArt most likely. My experiments with learning pixel art are coming along pretty well. Thanks mostly to this awesome tutorial by Derek Yu. In due time you'll be seeing some sweet pixel art character models for 2D fighting games I may, or may not ever get to make.

On the gaming front, I just placed my pre-orders for Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. ... and for $70, Elder Scrolls better wow me in a way I've not often been wowed, that or masturbate me. Also, by the end of the month I've decided that I WILL own the Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, Ninja Gaiden Black, and at least one retro game collection. Be it one of the Sonic collections, or depending on the money situation the Megaman or Megaman X Collections. No buts about it, I'm buying these games. Or I'm killing someone and taking theirs.

In March I've also promised myself I'm gonna pick up Ghost Recon: Advance Warfighter for my 360. The Ghost Recon titles don't really have a good track record with me, but I'm dieing for a multiplayer game other than Perfect Dark Zero. After a certain amount of time I've come to a realization about PD0, and I think I'll shout it.


At first I was in love with having a 360, and Perfect Dark Zero. But the bitter truth is this, PD0 lives solely on the fact that it has some of the most engaging multiplayer of a console game TO DATE. The game has absolutely no polish at all. The storyline, character models, animation, and physics are all pretty damn bad. When I kill someone, and their body flies around the room like a damn Superball, something's wrong. As for the 360 in general, how the hell can you launch a system and not have anothe game come out for two months. It's not like it was bad games for two months, it was NO GAMES. After four months it was pretty much 3 releases, and none were worth buying. If your console's success is based off of a $5 Live Arcade Game (Geometry Wars), I'd say you failed.

Woot!, a long post again. I felt like it needed a picture to finish right.

(Picture removed)

Bow in reverence of Disgaea 2. Countless nights of gathering experience to reach levels in excess of 10,000. There is nothing more fun!! ... ... Just buy it for the story, level up at your own risk.


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