Testing a new blog entry method!

I have no worthwhile content to deliver you, the reader, however, I have an interest in exploring the captivating capabilities of the Windows Live Writer (really why haven’t I discovered this until now). So, I have written these sentences to fill this space ala lorem ipsum but with a hair more panache. There isn’t really more to this post than that, and if you were looking for sexy, relevant content I suggest you start with something I’ve written before.


I sepia toned, tilted and bordered this photo in the editor. What an amazing toy…

Map picture

This Bird’s Eye View map of Point Park University was created in editor as well. It however seems to be difficult to specifically determine the pixel size of this feature (I mandate all my content fit my posting width perfectly. I’m a width fascist), even in the source code.

That’s it for tonight. Tomorrow I will post again, flirting with the video posting features of the Windows Live Writer. How fun!

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