No Really, I'm Ashamed ...

I've resorted to hyping my own blog posts ... someone, put me out of my misery. Instead of spewing forth a worthy collection of words, I'm going to offer a picture, and an excuse why those words aren't here. Here's the picture:

That's Moon Knight and he's going to be kicking your ass very soon. I've recently read his new book, and he's one of the greatest things the entire world of comic books has going for it right now. You'll be hearing about Moon Knight at length when, and here's the excuse, I'm not such a douche. Valid, no?

I've been busy with Modojo-work, preparing for school-work, and, well, work-work. Check the Portfolio link above for three previews I've tore out in the last week or so for Dungeon Maker (PSP), Touchmaster (DS), and Hoshigami Remix (DS). I promise I've got some stuff coming down the line that will make for interesting reading. Including, but not limited to, long thoughts about Power Stone and why it's so fantastic, my most recent conversation with XBLA, more on Moon Knight and other denizens of the Marvel Universe, and I'll be prepping a nice Zenspace History lesson for my 100th post (94th or so, right here).


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