Buying Bonanza!! - Volume 1

It took me a few days to sum up the courage to drain my bank account this time, but as always, it did eventually happen. Sometimes it just seems to take some time for me to fall back into the habit(addiction) of spending insane amounts of money. So this is how it goes ...

It all started with my decision to buy either an all-region DVD player, or mod my Playstation 2. Both choices carried with them the weight of knowing that going either route; I'd be opening the gates to spending Hell. It took a long time to settle into a decision, but the all-region DVD player seemed like something that could wait, so my PS2 import mod is on its way! I'll have to keep waiting on that Battle Royale purchase I suppose. Damn ... Regardless, the mod cost almost $40, including some pieces to install into my PS2 (without breaking warranty), and the Swap Magic discs necessary to play import games. Mmmm ... tasty import games.

I actually had to hold back when looking at games, because my original shopping carts were bulging at $150 and $100 at both YesAsia and PlayAsia. So I settled down, spent a few days looking at what I thought were the best buys, and ended up with the following:

That would be Ganbare Goemon 1 & 2 for the GameBoy Advance, as well as Rez and Guilty Gear Slash for my soon to be modded PS2. The Goemon game was an impulse buy, considering I really wanted Rhythm Tengoku, but I passed hoping I'd see a price drop within a month or two. Goemon had obviously been on my mind anyways. Rez explains itself with a $10 pricetag, and Guilty Gear Slash will be my first foray into the GG franchise.

Guilty Gear Slash was just the beginning of my Japanese 2D fighter collection, and in truth ... the only reason it came first was because it's so damn ... pretty. Well, that and I want to experience some of the characters before I write my upcoming post on my 'Top 10 Favorite 2D Game Character Designs'. Rounding out the list of titles I'll eventually be picking up are:

- Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkakuten
- NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
- Vampire DarkStalkers Collection
- Shin Gouketuji Ichizoku: Bonnou Kaihou

Sure I'm looking at Melty Blood and King of Fighters XI as well, but these games are at the top of the list for me. Especially Samurai Spirits, I haven't played a Samurai Showdown in ages, and it's about damn time.

I wouldn't consider that a Buying Bonanza just yet, but then add the stuff I just got off Amazon:

- Brotherhood of the Wolf - DVD
- Kagemusha - DVD
- Patlabor: The Movie - DVD
- Patlabor: The Movie 2 - DVD

So .. I'm now all kinds of poor in terms of money, but I'm all kinds of rich in terms of wonderful goods. I've had a bootleg copy of Brotherhood of the Wolf since long before it's official release in the US, so I thought it was time to pick up the real thing, despite it's jack-ass cover art. Kagemusha was just me feeling the need to watch another Kurosawa movie, and also just proof that I won't be able to hold back the desire to double-dip when the three disc Seven Samurai drops in September. I almost pre-ordered it right now ... until I realized I was out of money. The Patlabor DVD's were spur of the moment purchases ... I hope they're worth it.

There are lots of things I didn't get right now that I could have, and that I may have wanted even more than what I bought: things like the Bit Generations Games, Goemon for the DS, and the Gunstar Heroes and Panzer Dragoon collections for the PS2, but there's always other days, and other money to spend. I'll just have to kill more hookers to get it.

I promise my next post will be more interesting, and less focused on the numerous things I buy, but doing this sometimes keeps it in perspective that I spend *A LOT* of money, and it helps me appreciate all the stuff I have.


  1. John said...
    You made some seriously nice purchases. I've personally dropped Guilty Gear from my fighting game line-up, but that doesn't mean it's bad, it just means that I'm bad at playing it. It's not something I can hold down at a tournament level, so I was more or less wasting my time with it. Regardless, you should have fun playing it if everything ends up being cool with the stuff you ordered to mod your ps2.

    I personally would really like to see Patlabor 1 and 2. I mean, if it's been directed by Mamoru Oshii, then it's worth checking out. I'll pick them up one of these days.
    Biby Cletus said...
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