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I was hoping to go to Circuit City today and catch some of the excellent DS titles they were selling for their July 4th holiday sale. I wanted to come home with Metroid Prime Pinball, Meteos, and Advance Wars: Dual Strike (all for $8.96). Well, my local Circuit City had Tiger Woods Golf. Woo-Hoo. (...sarcasm intended...)

I decided I wouldn't come home empty handed, and that there had to be some game I could purchase to validate the half-hour drive and wasted gas. I scoured the shelves for discount titles and almost made a purchase of The Warriors, when I noticed the limited edition Marc Ecko's Getting Up resting in the display case for a paltry $8.96. I came to decide that even if the game was a festering hunk of shit, I could at least enjoy a really nice tin case for $8.96.

That purchase didn't quell my gaming needs so I drove off to Best Buy, then Gamestop, and then EB Games, where I saw a delicious copy of the increasingly rare Riviera: The Promised Land for $29.99. My DS was desperate for some GBA love, so I snagged it up, as well as laying down $30 for a Final Fantasy 12: Collectors Edition pre-order.

A good day indeed, with many worthy purchases. I'll be playing Riviera, appreciating my wonderful tin case, and trying to beat 'Ready, Steady, Go' on Ouendan for the 1284th time.

Marck Ecko and P Diddy contemplate what is in fact in front of them.

A.) The Marc Ecko's Getting Up Limited Edtion
B.) A brick
C.) Pangea


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