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Three fucking times I wrote a quasi-glorious post, and then watched it all fucking dissapear as Firefox crashed on me. I hate Firefox. I hate it because it's the best internet browser, and it's still a piece of shit. It fucking blows media compatability dick, switching tabs fucks up more than George Bush, and the support team is practically non-existent. Fuck you Firefox, I'm either going Mac, or suffering through IE until hopefully a worthwhile update comes packed with Vista.

So instead of my majestic earlier post, you get this shit-ridden pictureless piece of posting schlock.

Originally, I wrote up a list of awesome films by David Cronenberg, because I just watched 'A History of Violence'. Now it's reduced to this. Cronenberg is the man, check out all his movies, especially:
Dead Ringers
eXistenZ - It's about video games ... sort of
The Fly
The Dead Zone
and Naked Lunch.
Trust me, they're all crazy and good. "Long live the new flesh."

Now, A History of Violence is different altogether. It's like Cronenberg's other work but muted. It's more of a character study on the emotions surrounding violence than violence itself. (Grizzy violence still included.) I recommend the movie heartily. Especially for the 'crazy ass sex.' Lemme tell you man, the sex scences in this movie, they're some serious shit. I've never seen movie sex like that. Ever. Don't watch it with the wrong person, an awkward moment could definitely ensue. So ... go watch it ... now-like.

Ok, so on to the meat and potatoes. The Top 10. Top 10's are always hard for me, because I love to cheat and pull the 'in no particular order' card, however this time I'll go ahead and follow the pre-established rules. My Top 10 upcoming games wishlist is as follows:

1. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess GCN
2. Okami PS2 (It will be that good, Cody Musser guarantee!)
3. Final Fantasy XII PS2
4. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots PS3
5. Hellgate: London PC
6. Gears of War 360
7. Resident Evil 5 PS3
8. God of War 2 PS2
9. Bioshock 360
10. Project Offset WTF ?? Who knows what platform, but this is the game to watch out for.

I really wanted to include the Mario and amazing looking Zelda for the DS, but since I've resigned myself to not having one until Lite comes out, I've subdued my own excitement. I suppose the same could be said for PS3, but whatever ... there just wasn't room OK? It was hard ...

Edit: That Bioshock article is actually like two years old. I had no idea, but other than that, there's practically no info for the game anywhere, excluding it's cover feature for Game Informer. Trust me, the game does not look like that anymore, neither does it have grasshoppers with guns. It looks sick, way sick. Sick-tastic. In the words of Liono, "EEE333 HOOOOOOOOO!"


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