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It started with the South Park character generator, and then a thousand other create-an-avatar interfaces soon came flowing forth from the depths of the Netspace. It was doubly funny that they all tried to aim for that iPod appeal of silly branded titles. I can see the ads now, "Create your Twingy here. Custom Moblo's for everyone. Your very own Woompla." I imagine they all used the same damned interface and the same avatar design options. They're either stealing it from each other at lighting speed, or it's the same company behind them all. The Mii's were the perfect storm, as they came tied-in to Nintendo's gaming platform, or so it seemed at the time; we're obviously still yet to see them in much other than Nintendo's own games. Just one more gripe I have for the company that inspires no less than a million of the same.

Regardless, all of the avatar creation utilities can now be put to rest, because The Simpsons Movie website has come bearing the last we'll ever need. Web crawlers can now create themselves, in full Simpsons guise, with relative ease and infinite hilarity. It's not quite as robust as I would have liked, but it's just as addicting as Miis or the South Park generators, and it easily overshadows the Twingy/Moblo/Woompla phenomenons. I'm not really sure if they were ever phenomenons; somehow I doubt it.

I've made a short post long, but what I originally set out to say was, "Here I am, as a Simpsons character." Now, go and make yourself.

The Simpsons Movie Website via Fjetsam


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